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Clinically Proven Décolleté Treatment Tones,
Brightens + Beautifies

Declatone Visibly Reduces Fine Lines And Deep Wrinkles, Firms And Brightens Neck And Chest

  • Without the risk of plastic surgery
  • Without costing thousands of dollars
  • Without side effects

Declatone for a Sensual You

The décolleté area around the chin, neck and chest is not only sensual but the prized area celebrities showcase for evening dresses and not to mention bikinis. From age 20 onwards, sun and the normal aging process create folds and sagging skin in this area increasing the appearance of old age.

Targeted Décolleté
Zone Treatment

Declatone® is a targeted treatment Clinically Proven to restore firmness, hydration, and youthful radiance. Specially formulated for treating and preventing the advanced signs of aging and sun damage. Declatone® contains a scientifically advanced anti-aging formula that helps correct the primary signs of aging.

Declatone Firms and
Evens Skin Tone

Declatone® firms and tightens sagging skin, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and helps brighten and fade the look of skin discolorations.

“Wear Your Hair up. Let’s see that beautiful Décolleté”

Clinical Studies Prove Declatone Décolleté Treatment
Successfully Targeted Neck and Chest*

*Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary. Promotional consideration provided.

  • 96%
    “improves the overall appearance of the neck & chest.”
  • 84%
    “noticeably reduces fine lines and wrinkles on the neck & chest.”
  • 84%
    “improves skin firmness on neck & chest area.”
  • 75%
    “visibly reduces loose/sagging skin on the neck & chest.”
  • 78%
    “adds a “healthy glow” & visibly brightens skin on the neck & chest.”
  • 93%
    “improves the texture and smoothness of the neck & chest.”

*Based on 32 Participants

  • Step 1:
    Nightly – just spread a thin layer of Declatone applying in a circular motion. This supports healthier, firmer, wrinkle free skin.

  • Step 2:
    Declatone is designed to target your neck and upper chest to bring youth and rejuvenation. It is the area men look at first.

  • Step 3:
    While you rest, Declatone evens skin tone and brightens and tightens.

  • Step 4:
    Thanks to this revolutionary new formula, you will be waking up to tighter, firmer, younger looking skin.
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Why is Declatone® so effective?
Declatone has Clinically Proven ingredients to:

  • Reduce the look of aging on the neck, chest and under chin
  • Dramatically improve skin texture & reduce creases
  • Increase skin firmness & tone loose and saggy skin
  • Help skin to look years younger
  • Enhance radiance and decrease skin discoloration
  • Reduce the saggy look of “Turkey Neck”... GUARANTEED!

Clinically tested Breakthrough formula.
“Our goal is to make any woman look
15 years younger.”

  • Gatuline Intense Complex
    Reduces the appearance of wrinkles

  • Matrixyl 3000
    Clinically tested ingredients known to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

  • Skin Brightening Complex
    Improves the look of skin radiance, discoloration and hyperpigmentation.

  • Hyaluronic Acid
    Works great to help keep skin moist.

Glowing Comments About Declatone*

*Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary. Promotional consideration provided.

  • I absolutely love this product. I am placing my 3rd order for this. I have tried so many products for my neck, but nothing has worked like this one. I see such a difference in the tightness of my neck skin, that I will continue using this product.

    Paradise, Age 49

  • I have used the entire first jar. I have absolutely noticed a difference in the very front of my neck. I use it twice a day religiously and then some. I would say that I really noticed an improvement about half way into the jar.

    Packee, Age Over 65

  • I have had 7 neck surgeries; I was in a Hard Neck Collar for 7 years. A few years later I noticed my neck was changing and with the suggestion of my sales partner, he suggested the neck and décolleté complex. It gave me my neck back, it looks great, years younger, smoother and I'm so pleased. I've been using your products for years and have youthful skin and look younger and good again.

    Tori, Age 58

30 Day Satisfaction 100% Guaranteed

You Deserve
a Beautiful, Youthful Décolleté

  • Reduce and prevent sagging chest, chin and neck
  • Soften skin while firming and creating a smooth texture
  • Even skin tone while fading skin discoloration
  • Visibly reduce wrinkles, creases & folds
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Declatone Q & A

Is Declatone suitable for all skin types?

Will it work for men?
Absolutely! We have many happy male Declatone clients.

Will it irritate my sensitive skin?
Declatone is absolutely safe for most sensitive skin types. Declatone's formula does not contain harsh ingredients and should not irritate most skin types.

What does it feel like to use Declatone?
Shortly after applying Declatone you may experience a cooling and a subtle lifting and tightening sensation. Declatone is absorbed into the skin. Leaving your skin soft, stimulated, and firm not sticky or oily.

Is Declatone tested on animals?
Absolutely NOT.

If I order a Risk-Free Trial are the jars full size or trial size?
You will receive exactly what those who pay full price immediately receive – full size jars of Declatone.

Should I order my risk-free jar of Declatone by paying only shipping?
Absolutely, supplies are limited so order now. And join the thousands of other people already enjoying healthy, younger looking skin with Declatone.